Facilitating Disability Services and Special Accommodations for the University of Vermont

Academic Support Programs at the University of Vermont

Academic Support Programs (ASP) is responsible for providing disability services (e.g. assistive technology, interpreters, special accommodations, tutors) to the University of Vermont (UVM) community.

ASP sought to provide students and community members with an easy-to-use online portal for submitting requests and checking their status. Student requests needed to be approved and digitally delivered to the various campus-wide departments that facilitate the accommodations required.

Previously, ASP processed requests using paper forms, which required students to transport paperwork between various departments scattered across the UVM campus.

QC Creative designed and developed a centralized online system for students and staff—students are now able to place requests and check the status of their requests and staff can now access the data they require in a streamlined and organized fashion.

The new system is beloved by students and staff alike. In the first two years, the portal enabled ASP to support 39% more students and process 192% more requests without any additional staff.