Our Team

  Josh Lee  / Director, Lead Developer

Josh Lee / Director, Lead Developer

Josh Lee puts his twelve+ years of development experience to work, crafting elegant and effective solutions to challenging technological problems.

He is a full-stack developer with specific expertise in building accessible websites with WordPress.

He also builds and maintains large-scale custom database applications using Drupal, Django, CakePHP, and custom software solutions.

You can run into Josh in Burlington, VT where he often speaks for local groups on website development and digital marketing strategy.

  Melissa Miller  / Brand Strategist

Melissa Miller / Brand Strategist

Melissa Miller is skilled in brand strategy, web and graphic design, and front-end website development. She has been crafting online brands for sole proprietors, small businesses and nonprofits since 2007.

She blends artistry and intellect to design websites that resonate on an emotional level in order to create highly intuitive user experiences. Melissa received her B.A. in Psychology and Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to branding and design, Melissa enjoys exploring yoga and nutrition.

  Sean Raphael  / SEO Stratigist

Sean Raphael / SEO Stratigist

Sean Raphael specializes in strategic planning & consulting, search engine marketing, and content marketing. In addition to his consulting work, Sean is currently developing custom applications to analyze traffic flow derived from marketing campaigns and user interactions.

Sean holds degrees in Economics, Theater, and Agricultural Sciences from the University of Vermont. Sean is located in Manhattan, NY, and in his spare time enjoys competitive chess and independent film production.