A complete web presence redesign for CYMT

The Center for Youth Ministry Training

The Center for Youth Ministry Training provides training and internship opportunities as well as offering a range of education and resources through their website and blogs.

CYMT had 8 separate blogs which they sought to consolidate into a single website. In addition, CYMT had recently commissioned a new brand identity which they wished to incorporate into a new, more professional online presence.

CYMT’s existing WordPress installations and custom themes were poorly configured, resulting in slow page loads, an extremely difficult to manage back-end, and a confusing front-end experience. In addition, 30% of their visitors utilized mobile devices and received a cluttered and semi-broken experience.

We designed a modular and responsive custom WordPress website that folded in and expanded upon CYMT’s new brand identity. We also migrated their new website to our cloud hosting environment optimized with the latest server software and best practices.

CYMT’s new website loads quickly, is easy to manage, and has been a huge hit amongst visitors. Page Views, unique visitors, and website visits have all increased by at least 50% compared to the previous year. Traffic from mobile devices has increased 126% in that same time.