Apprentice Web Developer

Ideal for students

QC Creative is thrilled to announce our Apprentice Web Developer program. Learn the skills necessary to become a true “Web Master” while getting paid for your efforts.

Apprentices will split their time between the following activities:

  1. Training with QC Creative owner Josh Lee, and self-directed learning.

  2. Paid & unpaid work for open source projects and/or local nonprofits of the Apprentice’s choice.

  3. Paid work matching the Apprentice’s ability, on projects for QC Creative clients.

The Apprenticeship offers many valuable opportunities and benefits:

  1. Work directly with skilled experts in web development, design, SEO, advertising, and more.

  2. Gain valuable project management skills.

  3. Learn business skills applicable towards starting your own freelancing business.

  4. Grow your network by performing updates for area nonprofits, with expert oversight.

  5. Get paid for real experience with real client projects!

Skills & Abilities

Apprentices must be motivated self-learners with a strong ability to independently find answers to challenging technical problems. We will provide materials, resources, and as much guidance as we can, but ultimately what you gain from your apprenticeship will depend upon your commitment to learning.

Apprentices should also have strong communication skills and be capable of presenting a professional image when interacting with clients and members of the community.

Minimum Requirements

Apprentices should be available for a 1-2 days of work per week (8-16 hours) as well as a weekly training meeting in which new skills will be discussed. Apprentices must have their own laptop and should be familiar with using the *nix shell (Command Line Interface).

All required software can be provided for Linux or Mac computers. Apprentices with Windows computers will be responsible for finding alternatives and ensuring compatibility.